+ fe.cda.py : import audio tracks from a cd to a buffer~.

As there's still no cd support in max/Msp for windows, it is an attempt to provide one. It is written in python and runs through the magnificent [pyext] object, which is a python wrapper for max/Msp, by Thomas Grill. Luckily, it's really stable, and relatively fast ! When the device is "cold", it takes 5s for importing 2 megs and about 30s for a 4-5min file. Same or faster than Sound Forge, and already in your buffer~ ! When it's turning, it's even much faster.Last but not least, it doesn't interrupt MSP process while importing... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

version 0.9.5 :
- multi-device support
- import function (all or length specified in bytes)
- import through open-dialog
- Disc-ID infos embedded
And that's all for now...

You can download it here --> fe.cda.py.030820006.zip

tested on Max/MSP 455 and 456 for Windows/ Python 24 / pyext 0.2.0 / pymedia 1.3.5pre2
notes (short) :
- Written in python and runs within maxp/msp through a python wrapper : [pyext], written by Thomas Grill --> grrrr.org
- You'll obviously need Python (at least 2.4.x) installed on your system --> here's a Windows XP installer : python.org
- An additional module, [pymedia], is needed to access the cdrom device --> pymedia
- Another module, [PyCDDB], is needed to retrieve the cd infos from FreeDb.org --> pycddb
- A disc-ID tool is required by PyCDDB itself --> discid
Extract the .tar archive, then copy the discid.exe contained in .\discid-0.1.3\src\win32\native\Release into your WINDOWS\system32 folder
- Another last module, yes, called [Easydialogs], is required for basic UI stuff -->EasyDialogs

;-) that's all. What a long list ! Maybe it's only designated for max/msp users who love python too... But all here is open source and as long as audio cd access in Windows will be so locked and messy, this will be one of the only solution to access cd directly from max...

Note that all above softwares are absolutely useful for other python applications and won't mess your system at all. Python itself is very nice and almost all modules have an uninstaller.

Next : I'll compile it as an .exe file, in order to be loaded directly inside a C external, without the need of anything else... as soon as i get time for.

(c) python picture taken from PyDev web site and redesigned by me / fe.cda.py (c) f.e chanfrault 2006 - free to use